Thank you

With the recent airing of Australian Story ‘Bad Blood’ parts 1&2 (still viewable online), we expected to pick up some more interest in Jeff Gilham’s case and public debate on the circumstances leading to Jeff’s conviction.

While all of us that are close to Jeff know and believe that he deserves public support and to be treated fairly, we did not know how people would react upon hearing our arguments for Jeff’s innocence.

We have been overwhelmed and moved by your expressions of support.
Many people have posted messages here on our Support page and they continue to come in every day.  We are going to try to publish and/or reply to every one of these, but the backlog will take us some time to work through!

All of these messages are important to us and to Jeff. We still have a lot of work to do to see him come home. Knowing there are so many people backing us makes our work, and Jeff’s time away from his family, just a little easier.

Thank you.

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