Our findings on evidence released tonight

We’ve started to release our information about the Crown’s circumstantial case against Jeff and the details of our findings on the evidence.

While the Crown’s case is not new – it is a matter of public record from the trial, a biased book on the subject, and a telemovie – the errors and flaws in their arguments haven’t previously been published.  We are also releasing details of some of our findings related to the evidence and which form part of our appeal submission.

This release of information is not the complete collection of our material – there is still more to come.
On the topic of our findings related to the evidence, it is worth remembering that all of the pieces of physical evidence that could have supported Jeff’s account were either not subjected to any forensic testing, or were lost or destroyed before his first trial in 2008.  No physical evidence remains at all now.  The best we have are transcripts, statements, and recordings.

Highlights of this announcement are:

We’ve also released the start of an FAQ section and will fill this with more information as we collate the most commonly asked questions about the case. We’ll try to respond to those here as a more ‘permanent’ record, as well as on Facebook and/or Twitter, or any other channel where questions or comments about Jeff Gilham might be posted.


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