Jeff has already received, and continues to receive enormous support from family, friends, and the community.

“What can I do to help?”

We are often asked this by people who want to support Jeff, correct the injustice, and help return him to his family.  Until now, we haven’t asked for anything except to spread the word.

However, as Jeff’s case becomes more “visible” in this period leading up to the appeal hearing, there is something you can do.  Our “6 Degrees” project is a search for the truth, based simply on what and who people know.

Although there are only a very small number of people that can give us tiny pieces of information about those involved directly in the Gilham family tragedy, these people are connected, formally or not, to more people.  In theory, all of us are connected by six degrees or less.

So if we can spread our message through enough people, and just have a few respond to us with even apparently trivial pieces of information, it could take us a long way to filling in the gaps in our knowledge.

The details of our “6 Degrees” request are right here, and are also echoed on our Facebook site.

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