Carbon Monoxide

We have just now published our evidence summary page on Carbon Monoxide (CO).  The significance of this finding is that it demonstrates that Christopher Gilham was alive and upstairs at the time the fire started.

This point alone is clear scientific evidence in favour of Jeff’s account of the events of August 28th, 1993 and therefore sufficient reasonable doubt over his conviction in 2008.
When the CO measurements were presented at Jeff’s second trial in 2008, the jury were mis-led into believing that Christopher Gilham’s CO level was unimportant for the purposes of understanding what happened in the Gilham house in the early hours of that morning.

There are those that will continue to dismiss the importance of our findings on CO measurements, and we anticipate various arguments against them will be rolled out at the upcoming appeal.
When all is said and done, when the appeal panel consider the evidence of CO measurements, the decision they will have to reach is simple, and that is, What is more likely to have elevated Christopher’s blood CO to the level of heavy smoker on August 28, 1993?
Will it be one (or more) of the speculations of the Crown’s witnesses?  Or will it be the house fire that was started in the upstairs rooms of the house that night?

Please stay in touch with our news as we release more throughout the upcoming appeal hearing.

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