In August 1993, Jeff Gilham’s mum and dad were stabbed to death in their family home and their bodies set on fire.  At the scene, Jeff explained that he stabbed his older brother Christopher, after Christopher told him that he had killed his parents and then set them on fire.  Jeff was convicted of the manslaughter of his brother.

In 1996, following the distribution of the family estate, some of the members of the Gilham extended family zealously used the media and the police to begin to lobby for a reinvestigation into the deaths of the family.

In 2006, 13 years after the original incident, the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided to charge Jeff with the murders of his mum and dad.  There were two trials in 2008. The first resulted in a hung jury.  The jury for the second trial deliberated for eight days before returning a guilty verdict.

The case against Jeff is entirely circumstantial. During the trial the jury were asked to believe unreliable statements of witnesses and unscientific evidence provided by “expert” witnesses.

Jeff Gilham collage 1

Jeff Gilham is an average, honest guy – a hardworking, loving and caring dad, husband, friend and colleague.  He has no other criminal history, but has now been sentenced to life in a maximum security prison for crimes he did not commit.

Please explore this site for further details about Jeff and his wrongful conviction.  Please check back often, as we are limited in what details we can release to the public while the legal appeal is still in preparation.


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