Police blood spatter expert

At trial, the police blood spatter expert gave evidence that blood spatter seen on Christopher’s neck and chin could have been the result of either blood coming from his own wounds or blood being spattered as a result of him being involved in stabbing someone.  The expert said it could be:

“either as a result of blood emanating from the source around …[his] chest or from blood that had been spattered as a result of Christopher Gilham himself actually impacting on a bloody surface to which he was close to.” (T2 910.4)

And when questioned by the defence regarding the blood on Christopher’s right hand and forearm, the same police expert said:

“Q.  There was in photographs that you saw a number of directional spatter stains to Christopher Gilham’s inner right wrist and forearm area, isn’t that correct?

A.  Correct.

Q.  These stains could have been a result of Christopher stabbing a bloodied body with his right hand, isn’t that correct?

A.  They could.” (T2.919.39)

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