Blood on Christopher

The prosecution argued that blood found on Christopher and his clothing was consistent with the injuries that he suffered.  However, they ignored the possibility raised by their own experts, that the blood on his shave coat could have been from Helen, and spatter on his right hand, wrist, neck and chin was consistent with him having stabbed his parents.

The Prosecution Case

The prosecution asserted that all of the blood on Christopher’s shave coat was his own.  They argued that the blood spatter on his right hand wrist, neck and chin was all the result of his own injuries.

The Evidence

The blood on Christopher’s shave coat was tested and in 16 out of 17 areas it was found that the blood could have belonged to either Christopher or Helen.

Christopher had blood under the fingernails of his right hand, but the volume was not sufficient to allow testing by the methods available at that time.  His fingernail clippings were later discarded, and thus the opportunity to test them with modern DNA technology is not available.

Christopher also had blood spatter on his right hand, right wrist, neck and chin, which the police expert said may have been spatter caused by him stabbing his parents.

None of the blood found on Christopher’s body was collected for testing.


The blood on Christopher’s body and under his fingernails could have occurred as a result of him stabbing his parents.

No trace of Stephen Gilham’s blood was found on Christopher, most likely because he showered and changed into his shave coat afterwards.

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