A Final Post

After almost 20 years it seems that this case has finally been brought to a close.

Three years to the day after his conviction, on 28 November 2011, Jeff’s appeal commenced before the NSW Supreme Court. The appeal laid bare the significant flaws in the case against Jeff – both logical and scientific – which the prosecution had tried to deny for so long. Following three days of hearing, with the prosecution case in tatters, Jeff was released on bail. The judges unanimously concluded that there had been a miscarriage of justice and that the conviction must be quashed, but they needed time to write their judgement and consider whether to order a new trial, or to enter a verdict of acquittal.

On Monday 25 June 2012 the judges returned their decision and Jeff was acquitted of the murder of his parents. Just days later, the DPP announced that they did not intend to appeal the decision to the High Court.

Now four years on from Jeff’s wrongful conviction, my faith in our justice system, once rocked, has been restored. However I have learnt that without the support from our friends and family, he would almost certainly still be in prison.

Jeff has always shown me strength and the ability to survive whatever happens in life, with dignity. These continue to be the attributes that I admire most in him. Our daughters are very fortunate to have their Dad home, against all odds.

Thank you Jeff NEEDS Justice
- Robecca Gilham
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