Appeal hearing commences

Tomorrow, November 28th 2011, Jeff’s appeal hearing against his 2008 conviction commences in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

The appeal comprises 18 separate grounds, including challenges to the way circumstantial evidence was presented to the trial jury in 2008, as well important fresh evidence that demonstrates Jeff’s innocence.

The prosecution have always argued that all of the circumstantial evidence against Jeff should be considered as a whole, and this shows that he is guilty.  Our findings, and those of expert witnesses, have since shown that every single point of circumstantial case against Jeff was flawed and therefore the jury were misled.

We are all looking forward to the appeal hearing. ¬†Assuming this is conducted with fairness and impartiality, it will eventually result in Jeff’s wrongful conviction being overturned.

A brief press announcement about the start of the appeal hearing can be found here.


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