Stab Wounds: Existing research and literature

After Jeff was convicted, the Jeff NEEDS Justice team reviewed over 70 research studies regarding stab wounds.  From the published research we discovered that the opinions given by “experts” at trial were not supported by the published research.

The research cited on our webpage and referenced below is only a small sample of the larger body of research:

  • Ormstad, K. et al. (1986).  Patterns in Sharp Force Fatalities.   Journal of Forensic Sciences 31(2),  pp 529-542.
  • Karlsson, T. (1998).  Sharp force homicide in the Stockholm area, 1983-1992.  Forensic Science International 94, p129-139.
  • Hunt, A.C., Cowling, R.J. (1991). Murder by Stabbing. Forensic Science International, 52, 107-112.
  • Henderson, J.P. et al. (2005). Patterns of non-firearm homicide. Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine, 12, 128-132.
  • Katkici, U.,  Ozkok, M.S. and Orsal, M. (1994).  An autopsy evaluation of defence wounds in 195 homicidal deaths due to stabbing. Journal of the Forensic Science Society; 34: 237-240.

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